About Us

Since the foundation of Duval Productions in 2001, we have been providing turn-key event production services to several events in Southern California and Nevada. Some of these events include the Cuban Festival “Presencia Cubana en Los Angeles”, Carnaval Primavera” & “Sabor de Mexico Lindo” spring and fall street fairs, in Huntington Park, CA. and “Dia de Los Muertos ‘ in San Pedro.

During these productions, we establish a network of interaction to collaborate with different sources; sponsors, artists, staff, and multiple service contractors and providers. This kind of interaction allows us to manage information from all types of sources and thus, maintain an open minded, problem solving attitude, in facing the challenges of a production. Our attention to detail, discipline and organizational skills have enabled us to provide outstanding services and solutions, so that our clients can have peace of mind allowing them the freedom to attend to other areas without worrying about the event production itself.

Our scope of services and expertise include, but it are not limited to, overall event consulting, budget creation, management and cost reduction, venue selection, event CAD layout design, vendor contracting, promotions, public relations, advertising, permit acquisition with governmental entities (e.g. Fire Department, Police Department, Health Department, Building and Safety, ABC, County Supervisors, Councils, Mayors Office, Cultural Affairs Department, etc.), talent negotiations and contracting, transportation and accommodations, catering, grant and sponsorship requests.